If you're good at what you do, why not think of setting up your own company and letting us provide a one stop shop service?


You can carry on working, whilst we get everything set up in the background and then you can hit the ground running, so that you aren't wasting time not earning trying to do things that Build Assistant can do for you.

We can sit down, have a chat and understand your requirements, and we can then start to put it all together.

Things like understanding wether it'll be best to go as a sole trader or as a limited company.

There are numerous options which are all based on a number of variables. 

There's a lot of infrastructure that needs to be in place to ensure your'e well organised and have everything in place.

  • Business Bank Account

  • Bespoke T's & C's

  • Templates

  • Logo 

  • Website

  • Email Accounts

  • HTML Email Signatures

  • Company Profile - Introduction Pack's

  • Insurances

  • Accreditations

  • Clothing

  • Marketing

  • And more......

But then you're set up and you can start trading doing what you normally do on a daily basis, but you'll be earning all of the profit.

We offer bundle packs for the services we provide. Speak to us today and see what package best suits you.

New Company